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(walfas cartoon) Double Darkness part11 (1/2) by Godeung (walfas cartoon) Double Darkness part11 (1/2) by Godeung
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amn3siia Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, I'm sorry, but I've been checking out several pages of your comic series for a while and I couldn't resist not commenting on how ridiculously OOC Reisen is acting. It's really hard to believe how she just fell in love with your protagonist in just a few days, probably even less, after meeting him. I understand that she is being caring to him because he was hurt, but you don't see a nurse falling in love with you if you're sent sick somewhere, right? It's just not normal, and not to mention that Reisen has literally no relevance to the story in the first place excluding her being the protagonist's waifu.

The comic itself isn't really that great either. It feels really bland and empty. Why don't you try putting scenery like trees, rocks, flowers and grass patches around? It'll make it look more colorful and of course make it prettier. The protagonist seems like Generic Gappy Stu #51203. His design is unmemorable, boring and I could probably find you 10 people dressed the same way as him in Walfas. The other guy isn't any better either, really. One thing I can advise you to do is tone down the amount of strips the comic has. Some of the panels are just unnecessary in my opinion. I noticed errors in a few of the other comics like missing arms and bad cropping.
Godeung Featured By Owner Edited Aug 31, 2017  Student
I am sorry to inconvenience you, I am not accustomed to using Walfas shortly. And I like tohuou, but ... I don't even know. I'm Sorry again ......And thank you for your frankness.
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